Expanding Skill to Making Profits – the Story of Metro Moyo

Chikwawa district is one of the districts in Malawi where vulnerability among adolescent girls and young women is high due to extreme poverty. Girls and young women are at high risk of contracting HIV. Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW) Project with funding from Global Fund through ActionAid Malawi which is being implemented by Creative Centre for Community Mobilization (CRECCOM) conducted Village Savings and Loans (VSL) trainings to empower young women economically. In December 2018, the life of a young woman Metro Moyo from Chikhambi Village, Traditional Authority Kasisi aged 25 was transformed when she was sensitized on the importance of saving and investment through VSL trainings.

Metro Moyo began her journey of business through mandasi business. Metro learned the skill from her relatives during family gatherings who fried mandasi and samosas. She copied the skill and took it as a business idea. Metro took it as a viable opportunity that turned her livelihood to a business lady. She began selling her mandasi at Chikhambi Village market. Metro is married and is a mother of a 2-year-old girl.

Metro is a member of AGYW out of school club at Chikhambi VDC that was trained by CRECCOM in VSL. In December 2018, Metro made more profits since it was festive season and that made her a real entrepreneur in her village by expanding her profits to growing her business. Metro was just like any other lady in her village with no opportunity to attend tertiary education. She wrote her MSCE exams in the year 2017 and she passed with average grades. Her husband does peace work at PREM construction and is very supportive. Her business has now grown and has a bench at Chikhambi market which is a product from the mandasi business. She sells tomatoes, Cassava, groundnuts, onions and Cassava crisp and she is aiming at expanding her business by selling farm produce and dry fish.

She goes to different markets like Dembo market and Nkhate market during market days to order farm produce like cassava and tomatoes. She processes the cassava to crisp at Chikhambi market and when she orders cassava of 4000 Malawi kwacha she sells cassava crisp at the market at 4000 within a day. She is the only one selling cassava crisp at Chikhambi market and her secret is cleanliness since she is into food business and apply good customer care initiatives.

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