Makande out of school club at Traditional Authority Ngabu in Chikwawa district has been trained on Baobab juice making by Creative Center for Community Mobilization (CRECCOM) through their Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW) project funded by Global Fund through ActionAid International.

Speaking in an interview, AGYW Field Officer, Enock Kachitsa, said that they engaged the club as a way of ensuring that they have income generating activities and prevent its members from Gender-Based Violence.

“Most of the club members are young women who are also single parent mothers. They usually find it difficult to support their children as most of them have one or two children and comes from poor families. This training has helped them to mobilize locally available resources into baobab juice making for business purpose and support their children,” said Kachitsa.

Kachitsa said that the club has been facing different challenges in baobab juice making in the past and with the training they provided, there is a great change.

Club members making the baobab juice

Ever since the training, the club members have been sharing the profits among each other to ensure that every club member finds a capital to enhance their baobab business in their society.

A Peer Educator for the club, Jane Gamela, said that her life has changed after the training she received from CRECCOM through AGYW project.

“Before the training, we were only two club members who engaged in the baobab juice making business but we were finding it difficult to finance ourselves to keep our business running and also make quality juice. After the training, we have acquired how we can use Village Saving Loans (VSL) to start small scale business which can be returned after making some profits. We are also able to sell much as we are able to make quality baobab juice to our customers,” said Gamela.

Kachitsa also said that the initiative has also acted as one of the solutions of preventing an increase of Gender-Based Violence cases among girls in the district as most of them are likely to be victims of such situations during this era of Coronavirus pandemic.


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