Mother group rescues girls

In 2018 Creative Centre for Community Mobilisation (CRECCOM) trained Kanjiwa Mother Group to enhance girl child education in Ntchisi.

The mother groups were equipped with skills to support girls’ quality education through mentoring girls in a range of subjects.

After the training, the group embarked on different interventions such as fundraising for vulnerable learners, mentoring and counselling girls, awarding best performing girls and role modelling session to motivate the

Due to the interventions, communities around Kanjiwa Community Day Secondary School entrusted the group with their female children.

In February this year, a mother group from N’gwirang’oma Village in Traditional Authority Kalumo got a tip-off that some girls were being kept at a certain house against their wish.

The mother group sought consent from group village head Mkumbula to visit the man’s house. With community policing members, they raided the house and found the girls. They said they were from Santhe in Kasungu.

They said they were taken from their homes with the promise that they would be employed in Ntchisi.

Their ages ranged from 14 to 16. The girls said they had stayed in the village for two weeks.

The group referred the issue to Ntchisi Police Station and the girls were
taken back to their homes in Kasungu while the man was arrested for human trafficking.

“We thank CRECCOM for training the mother groups who have been instrumental in protecting girls in the area,” said Mkumbula.

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