Through its Improving Education Qualities in Malawi (IEQ-CDSS) project, Creative Center for Community Mobilization (CRECCOM) conducted sensitization meetings in Thyolo district.

In an interview, CRECCOM’s Programs and Communication Manager, Linice Sanga, commented why the organization conducted COVID-19 sensitization meetings in Thyolo district.

“Thyolo is one of the 4 districts where CRECCOM is implementing its IEQ-CDSS project, and we conducted such meetings to ensure that community leaders learn about COVID-19 and share to their people since they held power in their society,” said Sanga.

Concurring with Sanga, CRECCOM’s Community Engagement Officer, Thomas Chimwaza, commented on the importance of the sensitization meetings

“The sensitization meetings with community Leaders on COVID-19 is one of the major ways of communicating and educating people in the district for the leaders are going to impart the information to their subjects,” said Chimwaza.

During the event, CRECCOM shared and posted World Health Organization (WHO) flyers, and posters on COVID-19 on walls of different shops of trading centers, and conducted hand washing demonstrations.

Health Surveillance Assistants, Child Protection Officers, Police, Thyolo District Social Welfare Officers, District Sports Officers and other stakeholders accompanied CRECCOM during the sensitization meetings.

Thyolo District Social Welfare Officers presented on how Traditional Leaders should ensure that children are protected from Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and child abuse.

Responding to this, Sub Tradition Authority (STA) Ndalama said that he will work with his people to ensure that they report cases of GBV in the village to the police and child protection committee

Traditional Authority (T/A) Kamoto said that sensitization meetings should be conducted frequently in the district for many people to be aware of it for they think that it is just a myth

IEQ-CDSS is a project funded by MasterCard Foundation and Echidna Giving being implemented in Chitipa, Thyolo, Mulanje and Mchinji districts. The sensitization meetings were conducted in 5 TAs (January, Mbawela, Thukuta, Changata and Mpenda), and 6 STAs (Ndalama, Chidothi, Kamoto, Boyd, Mangazi, Ngomano).

Written By: Lonjezo Idrissa

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