Judith Mulopwana, 56, is one of the business people who owns a maize mill at Goliati Trading Center, Traditional Authority January in Thyolo district.  When she heard that Coronavirus hit Malawi, Judith looked for preventive measures so as to prevent the spread of the disease in the district among her customers.

Judith started placing a bucket of water with a soap outside her maize mill so that her customers should be using when they come with their maize to be milled.

Despite this being the case, Judith used to find challenges in convincing her customers on washing hands with soap as a way of combating COVID-19 when customers come to mill their maize at the maize mill

Judith said that most of her customers used to ignore this development by saying that it is a myth.

“When I started placing a bucket of water with a soap outside my maize mill so that customers should be washing their hands, most people used to ignore it. Others used to say that it is a myth and that I am crazy.” She narrates.

Now, Judith is among the people at the trading center who have been painted with a smile on their faces following the World Health Organization (WHO) posters on preventive measures against COVID-19 that CRECCOM pasted on walls of their shops.

“With the posters on WHO preventive measures against COVID-19, those customers who used to think that COVID-19 is a myth and that I am crazy will realize that COCID-19 is true and will start following the measures. This will prevent them from spreading the disease in the their communities” (she narrates).

One of the customers at the maize mill, Charity Mkweza, 32, appreciated CRECCOM for posting the WHO posters on COVID-19 at the maize mill by saying that it will enhance people’s understanding on COVID-19.

“The intervention by CRECCOM to post WHO posters on COVID-19 will make many people who come at the trading center to know more about COVID-19 since most people used to think that other people are just spreading rumors about the disease,” said Charity.

COVID-19 poster posted on the wall of Judith’s maize mill with customers outside the mill


During the day, CRECCOM also distributed COVID-19 flyers and posters. This was done with financial support from MasterCard Foundation and Echidna Giving who are the funders of Improving Education Qualities in Community Day Secondary Schools in Malawi (IEQ-CDSS).


Written By: Lonjezo Idrissa



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