Modester Fred is a 17-year-old girl from Nkutche Village, Traditional Authority Chapananga. She was happily staying with her parents and was receiving all the support from her parents in terms of food, clothes and education.

Although this was the case, adolescence and peer pressure triggered her to get married. Her parents tried to advise her but she insisted and proceeded with marriage processes. Modester got married at the age of 13.

Modester stayed in marriage for four years and bear a child who is currently staying with her grandparents.

The husband, Tauya Chimbaya, who got married to Modester was 15 years by then. He was doing a small-scale business in the neighboring country, Mozambique. While in the family, the husband used to abuse Modester physically by beating her.

After experiencing such kind of abuse for several times, she divorced the marriage. After the divorce she went to stay with her parents.

Modester Fred in her school uniform after returning back to school

Modester had interest of going back to school and with the influence of Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW) project and Mother groups, she was influenced to go back to school.

Modester was in standard 6 by the time she dropped out from school and now she is in standard 7 at Kunyondo Primary School in Changoima Zone in Chikwawa district.

She wishes to go further with her education and reach tertiary level when all goes well with her education.

She sometimes receives support from the Primary Education Advisor (PEA) of the zone and other well-wishers.

Despite going back to school, Modester faces different challenges. Lack of support from parents, basic needs for her and her child, and being mocked by relatives are some of them. Although she faces all these challenges, she said nothing will stop her in going to school until she fulfills her vision.

Because of her experience, Modester was chosen by mother groups and traditional leaders in her village to be a Peer Educator for her fellow youths.

Modester in white blouse and red skirt

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