Vulnerability to Viability (V2V): A Global Partnership to Build Strong Small-Scale Fisheries Communities

Goal: to critically examine diverse factors and conditions contributing to the vulnerability of small-scale farmers’ capacity to respond to social, political and ecological threats and engage collaboratively with communities and other key partners to enhance the farmers’ viability.


  1. To co-produce a comprehensive understanding of both the sources of vulnerabilities experienced by SSF and their inherent and potential capability to enhance viability
  2. To develop a database and resource portal of V2V case studies to integrate and mobilize the knowledge produced.
  3. To engage in transdisciplinary capacity development of SSF communities, governments, NGOs, civil society actors, and the academic community.
  4. To compare and synthesize experiences, scaling up the insights for broader impact.

Countries: Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Malawi, Senegal, Tanzania, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia and Thailand

Targeting: Small-scale farmers around Lake Chilwa in Zomba

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