Girls Get Equal (GGE): An integrated approach to end child early and forced marriage Project (March 2020 – February 2024)

Funded by NORAD through Plan Malawi International

Goal: To contribute to reduction in child marriages and teen pregnancy and increase girls’ education attainment


  1. To Promote measures for retention and Keeping children safe in schools
  2. To Increase knowledge on sexual reproductive health rights among adolescents
  3. To Raise Awareness and Influence Change in social norms and practices to end child marriage.
  4. To influence policy framework for increased protection of adolescent girls

Districts: Phalombe, Mulanje and Lilongwe

Targeting: 87,041 learners 189 primary and secondary schools will be supported to remain and go back to school and also receive training in gender equality, child rights; 1980 teachers who will be trained in School Code of Conduct and how to create a positive learning environment; 4800 parents who will be trained in group dynamics s in order to support in school governance; 900 School Management Committees members;  (540 females; 360 males) trained in group dynamics and school management 360 Traditional initiators trained in SRHR and CEFM, Child rights and gender equality;180 Religious leaders trained on SRHR and 180 Traditional leaders in targeted communities trained on SRHR, Child Early and Forced Marriages, child rights and gender equality

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