CRECCOM in partnership with Dignitas International is implementing AGYW project in Chikwawa district with support from Action Aid Malawi. The project is part of the TB/HIV programme of the Global Fund. The goal of the project is to reduce HIV incidences amongst girls aged 10 to 24. The project has three objective which are: to increase awareness of adolescent girls and young women in HIV and AIDS; to reduce school dropout rate; and to educed incidences of Gender Based Violence (GBV). HIV & AIDS Information; SRH Services; Life Skills Education; GBV Screening; and Referral to Support Services (HTC/SRH, GBV, ART) are the five areas that make up the core package of AGYW project. Key strategies are approaches in the project include: capacity building of AGYW; Systems strengthening; Economic empowerment; Involvement of Male Champions; Formulation and enforcement of By-Laws; as well as Advocacy and Coordination. CRECCOM started implementing the project in 2018 and it will phase out in 2020.

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