Mr. Joseph Kondwani Kazima – Vice Board Chairperson

Trustee Kazima has over 20 years’ experience in gender as a practitioner and policy maker. Working as Assistant Director of Gender affairs, Trustee Kazima oversees all gender mainstreaming and gender analysis programming. He holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Gender Equality Studies (United Nations University) 2014; a Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree (Derby University) 2010; and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agriculture (University of Malawi) 2002.

Currently heading Gender Mainstreaming Division; and Acting Director of Gender Affairs in the Ministry of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare, Trustee Kazima has previously worked as a Secondary School teacher with Ministry of Education and as an Agricultural Development Officer in the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Food Security.

Trustee Kazima’s unique gender expertise is demonstrated in the following achievements:

  1. Organization and co-facilitation of a United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1325 on Women Peace and Security International Conference under the theme Persistence of gender inequalities in Conflict Prevention and Peace Processes in April 2014, University of Iceland;
  2. Design and coordination of various programmes such as the National Gender Programme (2004-2009) funded by the Royal Norwegian Embassy; UNDP Funded Gender Mainstreaming and Equality Programme (2008-2010) which accounted for the increased numbers of women parliamentarians in 2009 from 14% to 22%; and the Comprehensive Gender and HIV and AIDS Project for the Agriculture Sector funded by OXFAM (2003-04)
  3. Formulation, implementation and review of various gender related policies such as the National Gender Policy (2015); Strategic Plan for the Ministry of Women and Child Development (2011-2016); Joint Sector Strategic Plan on Gender, Youth and Sports (2012-2017); and the Gender and HIV and AIDS Strategy for the Agriculture Sector (2003-08), among others;
  4. Designed and facilitated gender analysis and mainstreaming training for a total of 600 Reserve Bank of Malawi members of staff over a period of one month in October 2013;
  5. Conducted a Gender Assessment Study for SOS Children Villages Malawi in 2013;
  6. Designed and facilitated National Gender Analysis Practical Training for MUSSCO field staff, March 2012, Lilongwe, Malawi;
  7. Coordination of the compilation and defence of various country reports such as the Combined 5th and 6th Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) Report (2008); 7th CEDAW Report (2013); Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action (2009); Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action (2014);
  8. Facilitated Participatory Gender Audit (Assessment) for the UNHCR, UNDP and FAO, coordinated by UNDP with technical support from International Labour Organization (ILO), June 2011, Lilongwe, Malawi; and
  9. Coordinated the development of various standards and guidelines on gender such as the Gender Training Manual 2003, Gender mainstreaming guidelines, 2004; and Gender Responsive Budgeting Guidelines, 2004


Assistant Director of Gender Affairs, Ministry of Gender, Children, Disability & Social Welfare Headquarters,
Floor 1 Gemini House, City Center, P/Bag 330, Lilongwe 3
Republic of Malawi
Tel: +265 882 117968 or  +265 1 770 411
Skype: joseph.kazima

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