CRECCOM Special Program

23rd June 2020

Chitapata Community Theatre Group (CTG) in Group Village Head (GVH) Chilembwe in Mulanje District, is one of the community structures that were establish to support Health Communication for Life (HC4L) project which aims at increasing adoption of health seeking behaviours among Malawians and funded by USAID Malawi through FHI360.

Chitapata CTG thought it is wise to work with their counterparts Chilembwe Community Health Action Group (CHAG), a community structure that was established by a sister project ONSE in the District. CHAGs are established at GVH level to oversee health problems that are there in the community and link them to possible partners who either does community sensitizations for it to increase awareness and service providers like Plan International that provides the required services like family planning methods, HIV screening and nutrition screening .

Since 2018, Chilembwe CHAG and Chitapata CTG have been planning and conducting community sensitizations together at GVH Chilembwe in Mulanje district. Once CHAG members identify a problem requiring awareness, they invite their counterparts to mobilize people and sensitize them through plays. There are members within Chitapata CTG who also belong to Chilembwe CHAG which makes it easier for the clubs to communicate.

Titha Kalimule, CHAG member expressed the importance of Chitapata CTG in her area. “Chitapata CTG is youthful and full of energetic youths who do drama. There are always a lot of people who come to watch plays by the CTG unlike mere talks which we conduct. So we collaborate to reach many people at once. In October 2019, there was a joint sensitization meeting at Mwachumu village where over 150 people attended unlike the previous meetings we have been conducting at the same venue that usually attracted not more than 50 people,” Kalimule said.


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